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30 years experience in Ohio Liquor License Law

      The law office of Barbara R. Wiethe has been representing permit holders for 30 years, and her father John A. Wiethe had done so for the previous 30 years. Barbara has handled all types of cases including community entertainment districts for cities and developers. Barbara has also worked with legislators to change aspects of the requirements for individual situations. She has represented clients ranging from major corporations to privately owned small businesses.


      Barbara Wiethe, a practitioner of liquor licensing law, has decades of experience representing restaurants, national hotel chains, real estate developers, supermarkets and national concessionaires for stadiums, convention centers and arenas. Her expertise is in finding licensing in difficult circumstances, including probate court and receivership. Wiethe has worked with clients to obtain D-5 permits, Community Entertainment Districts and Economic Developments licensing (TREX licensing). She has also facilitated amendments to certain liquor laws for clients particular needs.



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